Support For Sri Mulyani

14 Jan

first, im so sorry if my writting using in english. Couse, this was part from my learning time to writting every thing in english. i like to get some IELTS course, so i have to start writting in english from now, if you dont mind.

Rafi dengan gelang pendukung sri mulyani

Rafi dengan gelang pendukung sri mulyani

back to our object…support Sri Mulyani. Do you see the symbol “M” at the pic? well, i got that black bangel from my husband who is a journalist at financial of ministry.

“Whats that dear?” i ask..

“oh, i got this when reported from financial of ministry,”he said.

“what for..?”

“I donn’t know..they just give it like that, and i just received like that..well they say that was a symbol to support Sri Mulyani at the century case”…

“oooo, OK I see..i like this..and ready to support”..

well, despite i dont know much about the case, but her attitude just show me that her was the victim..and i just thinking that she had to take that desition, to help century. and the fact the sistemic dynamic which they affraid of doesnt become true..

i just thinking..why the team so focus to whose responsibility behind this all?? why dont take more focus where is the money gone..but lets just see where is this case will going..

(ps. it is more difficult to writing in engglish, i found it. that’s why i cant much speak in this blog if using english..but lets learning by doing la….)
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2 responses to “Support For Sri Mulyani

  1. iyra

    Januari 15, 2010 at 6:07 am

    yeahhh support sri mulyani, boediono, and miranda goeltom..

  2. Kususanto

    Februari 15, 2010 at 1:12 pm

    Persumably, by using system approach dynamics, than the analysis can be approached from any variables and also from multy dimension (can be non-linear). In terms of philosophical approaches, say by using: (1) Scientific frame; (2) Normatives frame, and; (3) Social frame. Dr. Sri Mulyani is already in the stage of optimum wise, while making decisition in the dilematic situation & condition. Simple, because She has already approved by time being that She has strong integrity scientist. BEST REGARDS


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